Webcasting Services

As companies grow and become more decentralized, it becomes increasingly difficult to gather everyone in one room for a meeting. This is why leading companies are using webcasting as an engaging, cost-effective way to communicate “face-to-face” with employees, shareholders, vendors and customers without actually being in the same location.

Live Webcasting of events coupled with archived video on-demand, had proven to be the most compelling method for an effective communication strategy, enabling wider distribution of information, enhancing knowledge sharing, collaboration & audience engagement.

Increasingly, companies are realizing the tremendous value of a broadcast sharing solution that takes full advantage of this shift toward the universal consumption of streaming video on desktop, laptop, mobile phones & tablets..

Live Webcast events such as Press Conferences, Product Launches, AGMs, Meetings and Announcements.

Corporations today are increasingly realizing the power of video, which has the capacity to offer reach and engagement opportunities at scale. Businesses of all sizes continue to seek a “YouTube for the Enterprise” that supports their communication initiatives, while at the same time increasing employee interest and satisfaction. Video portals have been an important part of this trend by providing a hub for uploading and experiencing enterprise-focused videos.

Apart from compelling content and UCasts great user interface, a large part of our success is how the video playback is experienced by the viewers. Without reliable delivery technology, your video initiatives can fall flat. True engagement is only possible when high quality content is coupled with high quality video delivery.

Understanding different video formats, resolutions, bitrates and compatibility can be challenging at times. Choosing the right technology can make or break your video initiative.

Let us manage your end-to-end Video needs. Outsource your Recording, Editing, Encoding, Publishing & Hosting needs and let us roll out your complete Video Library.

Manage your video library with our backend system. Add Titles, Speaker Name and Details to Videos. Categorise Videos. Give viewers option to search videos etc.

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