Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a live webcast?

A live webcast means broadcasting audio/video in real time over the Internet. A webcast is streaming audio and video of a conference/event, which you may watch live from your home or office computer, mobile or a tablet.

2) What's an encoder and why does it matter?

An encoder is a device that takes the image captured from camera and microphone feeds and converts it into an internet-friendly format. The quality of an encoder dictates the quality of your webcast. We use the latest encoder technology to ensure a reliable stream.

3) Why does the quality of the servers and encoders impact the quality of webcast?

Having the best hardware quality for the encoders ensures high quality of the webcast. The servers receive the media and distribute it to our Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our CDN streams your content through the server located closest to the viewers, reducing buffering time and creating a better experience for your audience.

4) Do participants need to install anything in advance?

No. Our webcast technology does not require any software plug-ins. Most computers now have Flash installed. Flash works flawlessly in PCs and MACs and new technologies like HTML5 ensure that our webcasts can be viewed on mobiles as well as tablets.

5) Do participants need access to both the internet and a telephone?

No. All of our solutions and services are delivered to your participants via a single computer, tablet or mobile device with access to the Internet.

6) What formats do you support for webcasting?

Adobe Flash, Windows Media, Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5.

7) What if I am already working with another technology company?

We can help you integrate, or provide you with any embedded code so the webcast/video can be implemented within your portal. We can also provide any complementary services and solutions to create synergies with other companies.

8) What Firewall ports are required to be opened at viewers end to view the webcast seamlessly?

We deliver the webcasts on port TCP 1935 with a fallback on TCP 443.

9)What is the minimum recommended internet speed to view a webcast?

The minimum recommended speed for viewing a webcast is 256 Kbps.

10) Which is the recommended browser for viewing of the webcast?

We would recommend the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.

If you require any support please contact our Support Team